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November . 10, 2019

Chapter 014 : Roughs Complete!

Work commissions set me back time-wise, but will set me up for the next few months and allow for more funds for animation assistance.

While the boards are rough and not cleaned, for the sake of time, I'm gonna move forward onto chapter 015. Will have plenty of time to clean up during production.

October . 14, 2019

Chapter 013 : Boards Complete!

Not the cleanest set of boards, but the shots are there! Will get a chance to clean them up in the time leading up to the production of the scene, no doubt.

Next up, a new character is introduced, and things get funky. This next chunk of boards is gonna be it's own set of challenges, considering it's all on the road.

September . 23, 2019

Update : 2 of 3 Episodes boarded

September comes to a close as 2 of the 3 episodes have been boarded. This, of course, calls for a plan adjustment.

Early November is now the final deadline for the third episode to be boarded. I'll then be taking the rest of the month and December to (hopefully) gather helpful hands.

September . 15, 2019

Chapter 012 : Boards Complete!

That's a wrap on the storyboards for Episode 2!

Before moving onto to episode 3 (chapter 13), I'll be making an update video to recap our current progress. Should hopefully be done by the end of the week, so we can hurry up and get to more boards.

September . 2, 2019

Chapter 011 : Boards Complete!

One more chapter down, and one more to go to complete Episode 2.

Already crystalizing the plan for after all 3 episodes are boarded, but first, an update video needs to made after Chapter 012 boards are completed (which includes the pushing of the original deadline).

August . 23, 2019

Chapter 010 : Boards Complete!

Past half-way, and two more chapters to complete Episode 2.

I'd meant to publish an update video showing our progress, as well as promoting the new 'Golden World' shirt... yeah, that didn't happen. I'll get around to that, but for now my priority is the boards.

August . 9, 2019

Chapter 009 : Boards Complete!

We're officially half-way through the storyboards for the first 3 episodes.

I'll be making an update video this month tracking out progress, and unfortunately having to push back the estimated completion date. Instead of sometime in September, it's looking to be in October, no later than November.

July . 28, 2019

Chapter 008 : Boards Complete!

Getting close to the half-way mark, that's 1.5 episodes of storyboards.

While June to the wind out of the sails of a month, things are still cranking along, however it seems likely the initial estimated deadline of sometime in September will need to be pushed back.

July . 10, 2019

Chapter 007 : Boards Complete!

Expected delays in June set the boards back, but we got the next chapter boarded.

Still aiming to finish all the boards in September. We've got 11 more chapters to go and less than 2 months. I have no sacrifice quality for the sake of the deadline, but I'mma have to grind on this pretty hard.

June . 1, 2019

Episode 01 : Boards Complete! | Chapter 001 - 006

All six chapters of boards for the first episode are complete!

We hit the deadline right on the nose, however June has a bunch of travel and an animation commission that's likely gonna clog up the schedule. I'll do my best.

May . 11, 2019

Chapter 004 : Boards Complete! | Chapter 005 : Rough done

On course to finish the boards for Episode 1 by the end of the month.

With 6 chapters per episode, we're still on schedule. Chapter 004 is done and cleaned up. Chapter 005 is roughed out and needs another pass for clean up. Just gonna keep on chuggin'.

April . 21, 2019

Chapter 002/003 : Boards Complete!

Episode 1 boards are half-complete. Roughly 8 - 11 minutes of content.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but considering I'm not here to fill air time, things are gonna move pretty fast — maybe too fast. But I haven't spent all this time to rush shit, I'll try my best to pace it out to serve the story.

March . 25, 2019


I was hooked up with a translator living in Japan and wanted to add some subtitles.

I won't downplay the timely work they did, but as I have nothing to compare it to, I asked the community if anyone could read it and hit me with feedback. Hit me up if you got opinions.

January . 16, 2019

Gonna spend the next 6-8 months of completing the animatics (with rough sound) for 3 full 18 minute episodes:

Then start production on 2-4 minute chapters (roughly 6 for each episode) and reevaluate the plan after they're done.

January . 12, 2019

Katrina, en route to José, has a run-in with some ne're-do-wells.

While it's not an actual part of the story, it was a great learning experience, and I'll be using the test scene as a base of quality to work from: techniques/methods, workflow, and organization.

So amped to have it finally done! Time to get to the real thing!

November . 11, 2018

Trying to nail down the visual effect of the power aura before the release of a stand. This isn't exactly what I'll end up with, but it's pretty close

I'm realizing that I can and should utilize Final Cut from more elements, esp backgrounds. It not only gives me more control over for to adjust elements, but it offloads some of the processing from the Flash file and Swivel render.

November . 4, 2018

The first minute of the test scene, with effects, but not updated voice acting.

It's nearly complete, a few minor adjustments to art assets and video effects, but pretty much complete. Definitely complete enough that I'm moving on to the second minute (second segment).

October . 16, 2018

Major overhauls to the website have taken place. For now, I'm holding off on more design updates (aside from content updates), but this is not the final version of the site design. I just wanted to get the basic parts in place

Basically, the site is still under construction.