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November . 4, 2018 (pinned)

The first minute of the test scene, with effects, but not updated voice acting.

It's nearly complete, a few minor adjustments to art assets and video effects, but pretty much complete. Definitely complete enough that I'm moving on to the second minute (second segment).

November . 11, 2018

Trying to nail down the visual effect of the power aura before the release of a stand. This isn't exactly what I'll end up with, but it's pretty close

I'm realizing that I can and should utilize Final Cut from more elements, esp backgrounds. It not only gives me more control over for to adjust elements, but it offloads some of the processing from the Flash file and Swivel render.

October . 16, 2018

Major overhauls to the website have taken place. For now, I'm holding off on more design updates (aside from content updates), but this is not the final version of the site design. I just wanted to get the basic parts in place

Basically, the site is still under construction.

October . 11, 2018

While waiting on final assets for the test scene, I've been boarding Episode 1 of BSV. The script is in good shape, but as you might guess, the script still requires visual translation, which is where a chunk of time will be going, and ultimately why the boards will be so important.

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September . 24, 2018

Testing out some visual FX commissioned from the very talented Gregzilla.

This effect is pretty much an identical remake of the effect used in some of the episodes from Stardust Crusaders.

September . 23, 2018

Developing a temp intro for the test scene, but will be making changes to this. While I'm super happy with the progress with the test scene, a lot of realities are setting in. Read more by checking out the post.

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July . 15, 2018

The following is a test scene for Blood Sun Vendetta: a JoJo fan-made motion comic. All art assets are placeholders. Most of the voice acting as well. The audio is also unmixed.

This is primarily to give a sense of the project.