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Roadside Hazard

Commissioned portrait of 「 Bat Out of Hell 」, by SipLick.

The Pursuer

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Relentless, mindless, destructive, and indestructible. The roads are dangerous at night.

JoJo's Back's Back

Was looking up poses including leather jackets. Found some of George Michaels.

I'm not even sure if this is Michaels', but it seemed like a solid stoic and simple pose to try referencing.

BHS Power : Gold Cobra

A rough animated sequence to give an idea of how Gold Cobra (the gun of Blackhole Sun, that José can use independent of BHS).

Essentially, the gun phases much like Hol Horse's gun, however there is not "bullets", insread the chamber is meant to be spun to gather power.

José and Black Hole Sun

The first concept art I did with both José and his stand. At the time I was still working out design specifics, but I'd already scratched through a number of drafts.

At the time I wasn't 100% sure about their interaction, but as the sketch went on, it felt clearer.

Bat Out of Hell

Initial concept of the user and stand named Bat Out of Hell. There was an initial version that ended up looking a little too similar to Bat Who Laughs. Some people pointed it out, so I felt it was necessary to make some adjustments.

The Pillars in Mexico

Based on the original manga panel of the Pillar Men from Part 2 (Battle Tendency). This is the gang so far: José, Katrina, and Adrian, all featured along with their stands.

Aside from being an amazing artist, Harry Patridge is a legendary animator. Be sure to check out his stuff.

Katrina's First Stand

An earlier rendition of Katrina's stand (originally named Blur). She may still have a few changes in design before she appears in the story.

Currently learning towards naming her stand Kashmir. There's just a more reason to do so.

Just Do It . Just do it

Cranberries is a design for one of the earlier stand battles. Obviously I'm not gonna give too much way, but I'll just say it's a colony-type stand.

It's weak in power, but dangerous when used effectively.

Proud to be an American

Adrian, while a proud Mexican, is an American citizen and proudly served in the U.S. Military. He has a bat, that is not so much a pet as it is tenant in Adrians chest pocket.

While he fronts a friendly demeanor, he does have his own demons, which is partially the reason he enters the story.

Hol Horse . Half Son

An initial concept sketch kinda showcasing some of the similarities and differences.

José's already undergone some design changes, but Hol Horse will get a revamp (similar to JP in Part 5).

Blood Sun Maya Calendar

A riff off the Maya Calendar, includes a some references from Blood Sun Vendetta but mostly includes a bunch of JJBA (Parts 1-4) imagery hidden through out.

Made for the title logo and end credits.

José and Katrina

José and Katrina side-by-side. While an older concepts, the character designs are pretty close. A commissioned piece by Shamfoo.

If you dig it, check out more of Shamfoo's work here.

Hanging Out in the desert

When I was first coming up with the team, Adrian had a very different look. His personality was always gonna be more light-hearted, but his design changed considerably over time.

Also tried to capture the teams chemistry, all seen together.

Blood in the Desert

An iPad sketch of what I was first imagining the battle between José and Sangrio to be like. It's pretty laughable looking at it now.

Both José and Sangrio's designs have changed considerably. But this showdown will definitely happen.