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José Hijo del Caballo

Stand   「Blackhole Sun」Collapse | Expand

Born   25, July 1980 . 18 years old

Eyes   Light Blue

Height   183 cm (6' ft)

Favorite Band   Sepultura

Favorite Food   Mango con chile

Dislikes   Cigarette smoke, the movie Titanic, deep water

Born in the wastelands of the Chihuahua desert, José is the bastard son of the infamous criminal Hol Horse.

Having spent most of his 18-year life alone, he's had to learn to fend for himself. This in no small part has hardened José, and helped shape him into a bit of a grifter.

He assumes the role of "lone-wolf", and has a difficult time accepting help, often times even from himself.

Adrian Nicolás Mateo Horchata

Stand   「Ozomatli」Collapse | Expand

Born   10, April 1973 . 25 years old

Eyes   White

Height   192 cm (6'3" ft)

Favorite Band   Sublime

Favorite Food   Bacon Cheeseburger

Dislikes   Cold and dark places, rude drivers, salads without dressing

Adrian is proud of four things: That he's Mexican, that he's an American citizen, his U.S. Military service, and his little brother.

Born in Durango, he and his father made their way to America, where Adrian eventually gained citizenship in 1991 after taking up military service during the Persian War.

However, shortly after the events of「Operation Desert Fox」(December, 1998), Adrian found himself making his way back to Durango with「El Niño」the bat (more of a tenant, not a pet).

Katrina Elisabet Paloma

Stand   「Kashmir」Collapse | Expand

Born   unknown . 19 years old?

Eyes   Pink

Height   169 cm (5'7" ft)

Favorite Singer   Los Dug Dug's

Favorite Food   Cemita De Milanesa

Dislikes   Small talk, heroína (the drug), poor parenting

Katrina is on the run from the infamous「Pistolas Rosas」cartel, and the reason seems to be unclear, considering the vast array of rumors.

It is, however clear that she's attempting to outrun her past, but her past seems to be as relentless as it is mysterious.

Her air of superiority, while bothersome to some, does feel earned in a way.

Sangrio Mercurio Rocha

Stand   N/A

Born   June, 16, 1927 . 71 years old

Eyes   Hazel

Height   175 cm (5'9" ft)

Habit   When his emotions are heightened, he speaks at great length.

Due to his research into the lost letters of Zumurraga (who became the first bishop of Mexico in 1533), Sangrio has spent his entire career as an archeologist searching for a rare artifact (he believes Zumurraga writes of) that would prove his theory and redeem his reputation.

Until recently, he was alone in his theory and mocked heavily by his colleagues. Now, however, it seems he's found a potential ally who appears to support Sangrio's research.

The Mysterious Friend

Stand   「???」

Born   unknown . ???

Eyes   unknown

Height   190 cm (6'3" ft)

Dislikes   People who talk too much?

Having sought out Sangrio to seemingly aid him in locating an ancient artifact, he accompanies his new companion in silence. Clearly, a stand user, his powers have yet to be determined.

More characters TBA

Characters will be revealed as they appear in the series (except the ones I've already shared).