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Backstroy summary

The year is 1999. The story takes place in Mexico.

A rogue scientist betrays the Speedwagon Foundation, fleeing to Mexico. A small village is mysteriously abandoned overnight. The bastard son of the infamous outlaw Hol Horse, seeks revenge against his father. A young girl is hunted down by a cartel, led by a man rumored to be possessed by a demon.

The nights have since become increasingly dangerous, as an epidemic of bodies drained of blood spread across the countryside.

All the while, across the ocean, a small Japanese city is plagued by an enigmatic serial murderer.

The Speedwagon Foundation has sent resources to Mexico to stop a growing threat. A threat that is centuries old, and known well by the Joestar family line and the brave men and women who have aided them in their fight for humanity.

A story birthed in the ancient cradle of Mexico, returns to the source in a search for more than just a stone mask...

Chapter 001 : 「 LA SANGRE VUELVE 」

A disgraced archeologist, with the help of a mysterious stranger, seek clues to the location of an ancient artifact in the crypts of Mexico City's Metropolitan Cathedral.

More info to come after publishing the full chapter.

Chapter 002 : 「 POZO SIN MADRE 」

To be posted when the chapter is published.