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The Story

Blood Sun Vendetta

A Return to the bloody cradel

A rogue scientist betrays the Speedwagon Foundation and flees to Mexico. A small village is mysteriously abandoned overnight. A bastard orphan seeks revenge against his father. A young girl is hunted down by a ruthless cartel, led by a man people say is possessed by a demon.

All the while, the nights become increasingly dangerous as an epidemic of bodies drained of blood spread across the countryside.

The year is 1999.

The Production

Very early color and motion-comic animation tests

Blood Sun Vendetta (BSV) will be a fan-made motion-comic series. The David Production JJBA, Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable animated series serves as the inspiration of style and direction. Though animation will be limited, due to BSV being a motion-comic.

Episodes will feature sound effects, music, and voice acting, as opposed to the common motion-comic standard of word-bubbles. This will also allow the project to be dubbed fairly easily, which is the plan: to release episodes both with and without dialogue tracks.

While the story and characters are original (with a few cameos and references from the original series), the story does take place in Hirohiko Araki's world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, and so with respect to the original author and the production companies producing the series in print, animation, and motion pictures, I will not be monetizing videos. I would also strongly urge those who choose to localize (dub in their own native language) the episodes, that they too do not monetize the videos.

Return to Mexico

Mexico and the Stone Masks

Pages from KissManga

The first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Phantom Blood), introduces the Stone Mask as the inevitable catalyst for the fate of the Joestar family line as well as Dio's eventual transformation into a formidable antagonist for much of the series.

In the first few pages of the first chapter, the Stone Mask is described as a sacrificial mask used by the ancient Aztecs with the intent to garner supernatural powers. From there, the story continues many years later in Great Britain, with only a few mentions of the mask's Mexican origins.

In JJBA Part 2 (Battle Tendency), the origin and true intent of the Stone Masks are revealed. After defeating Straizo and learning of the Pillar Men, Joseph Joestar travels from New York to Mexico, only to have the story quickly migrate to Europe.

From that point on, Mexico and it's relation to the Stone Masks is rarely mentioned, if at all.

The Bastard Son of Hol

Research Roadtrip

Gonna add the Mexico trip update video here

A New Endeavor

Why a Fan project?

Why not something completely original

I've been a fan for over 25 years, collecting and reading the manga while I was kid growing up in Asia. Decades later, seeing the work the David Production team has done with the JJBA animated series has been hugely inspiring as a creator.

While none of my previous animations really reflect the influences of JJBA, a JoJo-based project has been a dream of mine since I was kid, however, the original and changing style of Hirohiko Araki was always far above my skill-grade (and, frankly, still is).

While the BSV project is an intimidating undertaking, I've reached a point as an animator and creator where stepping out of my comfort zone seems necessary. And while I've set my sights on working on an original series several times in the past, I've never actually tackled long-form storytelling.

A project that combines one of my greatest inspirations and the ability to grow as a story-teller and artist seems like a natural step (for me) between creating original shorts and an original series.

And so, for however long I can afford to work on Blood Sun Vendetta, I'm excited and mortified to be dedicating myself to a series.

Recent Releases

YGO: Heart of my Cards

Yugi faces off with Joey in an epic duel. And by epic, I mean completely mustard cupcake stupidity. But before Joey can deliver his grand attack, Yugi has one more trick up his sleeve. One of love and devotion. Joey gets invited to a threesome.

Published on

September 14 | 2017

Batman Borigins

Centuries ago, there was a game titled Batman Arkham Origins. In this game, a bunch of bad guys no one remembers did a couple bad things and batman was supposed to defeat them or whatever. Also it was Christmas and Bruce kept not eating his dinner and Alfred was sad.

Published on

May 08 | 2017