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Recent Releases

YGO: Heart of my Cards

Yugi faces off with Joey in an epic duel. And by epic, I mean completely mustard cupcake stupidity. But before Joey can deliver his grand attack, Yugi has one more trick up his sleeve. One of love and devotion. Joey gets invited to a threesome.

Published on

September 14 | 2017

Batman Borigins

Centuries ago, there was a game titled Batman Arkham Origins. In this game, a bunch of bad guys no one remembers did a couple bad things and batman was supposed to defeat them or whatever. Also it was Christmas and Bruce kept not eating his dinner and Alfred was sad.

Published on

May 08 | 2017

Upcoming Projects

JoJo: Jotaro v Josuke

Jotaro Kujo has some choice words for Josuke. Josuke takes it as well as anyone would expect. Gonna be a toughy, as I'll try to emulate the style of the anime best I can. Aiming for October, but let's be honest, November is more likely. But I can dream.

Project Status

Coming in October

Pawn-Pawn SuperSale

Hiro Hayabusa is forced to run his uncle's pawn shop when his uncle calls in sick. A colorful cast of jerkos (including a cyborg, a magician, and even Satan) meander into the shop looking to scam Hiro, who must eventually become the pawn master.

Project Status

Right after Yugioh

Other Projects

Herly Mounds

On a small island, off the coast New Hampshire, is the quiet fishing community, the town of Herly Mounds. The most ordinary place on Earth, except Culu and his parent Nug, extra-dimensional demigods from the planet Vhrool (of the 23rd nebula).

Project Status

Dropped in priority to other projects

GraphicDemise: Free Art

It's a the classic tale of passerby-meets-artist. Interest leads to appreciation, appreciation leads to expectation, expectation leads to passive aggressive demands, demands lead to conflict, conflict leads to irrational dickery. People wanting free art, basically.

Project Status

Dropped in priority to other projects